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Name:Prompts For Drabble Writing ~
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Community description:Weekly prompt for drabble writing
Welcome to Drabble Soup!

Every Monday, a new prompt will be posted up for inspiration. The goal is to write a drabble -- a hundred words, give or take the wobbliness of word processor wordcounts -- inspired by the prompt and post it to the community.

The Rules:

Drabble Soup is intended to be a low-key and laid back sort of community. That said, here are the rules of the road:

1. Posting Fills: Feel free to interpret the prompts in any way that you like! Fanworks and original works are equally welcome. Please include the fandom or subject and, if you wish, characters or title. A cut is not 100% mandatory (see below) but feel free to use one if you wish.

1b. If you want to write a drabble for a previous week's prompt, by all means! Just note which prompt it is in the subject line or the body of your post.

2. Warnings, Content and Cuts: If your drabble contains NSFW matter or otherwise might get your great-aunt seriously tsk'ing at you, it belongs behind a cut (and you can say why in the cut itself, if you like). All rape/noncon/similar subjects belong behind a cut.

Warnings are required for noncon and related subjects, graphic violence (loving descriptions of entrails and the like), and similar. If you want to warn for other subjects, feel free.

NSFW material involving subjects of 13 years of age and under is not permitted on the comm, period.

3. Don't be a jerk: We don't all share the same interests, whether fandoms, favorite characters, ships, tropes, genres, or anything else under the sun. Respect each other's preferences, please and thank you; if something really looks like it's headed south, contact me please.

3b. Anti discourse and related subjects are not tolerated in this community.

Rules are subject to revision, but any such revisions will be noted in a post.

The AO3 collection can be found here ~
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